Wednesday, July 6, 2011

part 2

hmmmmmm its difficult to complete any story well but still i have started this story so i have to end it  well that girl is selfish she simply says no n then she did a silly mistake by letin his sister knw all about it  n his sister scold him and thennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn not in mood to write nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww will write it sooonnnnnnnnn dun want to discuc about it as my mood swingss n i started hating my self 

Thursday, June 30, 2011

love story which has no happy ending

 back to my inner world this time back with a story of a litttle innocent girl who has so many questions which she is facing in her life. to figure out she is rite here to express n tells u about a story 
preetttttttttttty girls wearing red colour dresss her long hairs were making her  appearance beautiful she entered in the halll numbber of people were there she went in her closet school friend engagement  she was very happy for her friend n was enjoying with her group.
                          She noticed suddenly that some one is continously cliking her picture not only she noticed  but everyone noticed this she was curious to knw who is the guy n why he is diturbing her she came to know that guy is her friends brother n he wants the pick by hook or by crook he stugggled alot n click more than 100 hundred picture of her she was very much confused n obbessed by his nature.That guy did his level best to talk to that girl but didnot get chance . that night she was thinking about what happened with her n was resting on her fluffy bed
     Next morning she asked her friend so her friend relax her by saying "mene apnae bhae ko kaha tha pics lene ka " 
so then the girl was relaxed after sometime another thing happened that guy took girl num from her sis cell but at that time she didnot have personsal cell n was using her sis cell but he  was un familiar to this so he test her n rply was giving by her sis with in the passage of time her sis n he became good friends n was like brother n sister  he used to talk to her sis about that girl only n he sed tosay her "akru" because she didnot talk to him time went on  and the time came for his sister marriage that girl went again in both the function in which she was invieted one day she wore black n on that he told her sis that she was looking very preety more than before   his sis marriage pass by n then 2 years passed after 2 year that guy was able totold the girl that he fell in love with her first he told her sister n that her he take 2 n half year to say this but what girl rply will tell u in upcoming post well go to go will soon complete this so called story which containg nothing in it only hardship n saddness n lonliness

Friday, March 4, 2011

hurt :(

hey again i m back to you today i m hurt by someone special  today i got a msg that disturbs me alot so i decided to talk to my friend so that she can make my mood  or i want to ditract my mind from that text that was taking my life or i was going in depression
MY bestttttttt friend text me to forward her msg to someone i did n i asked  what is goingon let me knw plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz neither my friend not the one one who i call my bro
okayyyyyyyyyy fine i dun mind if they are not intrested in telling me i dun want to knw about it i only text so that i can forget about that textttttttt
For long time iwas very angry n decided to show my feeling n anger on them but later on i decided i m not going to do that
i will keep all my angerness in me n will not tell anything to both of them  n this what i did but todayyyyyyyyyyy i m hurt but never mind it happens
there mysteries are the part of life so if this happen with me so it's okay at times people avoid u n they dun realize that this think hurt other n their absence is feel by us  well i only wrote it to comfort my self  only no personal harsh word or hateredness in my hurt n i knw i will be okay till morning i want to freak out so i did now i m  fine  so bye my blog  my friend soorry i always need u when i m upsetttttttt here is the only place where i can express my feeling n rely on u completly that u will not complain n demand any thing neither u will hurt me bus that's i what i want to say
I m hurttttttttttttt :(

Saturday, February 26, 2011

my angernesss on u

 after long long time i am again here back to my world  with lots of  feeling n emotions  i  dun knw i m hurt by many  many n many i was unalble to decide wether i m wrong or others are wrong but soon i realizes that i m also wrong n they  2  coz we clap by our both hand so fault is on both side
 firstly i was quite confused that what i have to do n what  i m doing  i was completly lost  i thought i should not lived  in this materialistic world i was exhausted by evryone's behaviour i knw iwas wrong but they  were 2
Finallyyyyyyyyy some one has to take step  to enjoys the colour of life so i did i said sorry to everyone n finally ask the eason of this behaviour they forgive me n their whole exhaustion  was on me n now they are completly relaxed n everything is back to normal but i was thinking that i said sooorrrrrrrie to them but no one realizes how much i was hurt by them how much i cried for them how much i was ignored by them n still i didnot said a single word
is it worth with me  that i even didnot get a sorrry from anyone of them with whom i m going to spend my time  i was so shocked n broken that if i m smiling for them it doesnot meant that i m not hurt by them but it's useless to express my agrresion i wont worth n their will be no difference between us so it's better to keep silent n enjoy with them n i forwarded but still this soorrrrryyyyyy  i want from them they think that i dun have heart i dun have feelings i m only a materaial for them
 n they think that i can only hurt them why they are not thinking that i m hurt by them 2
i m exhausted so finallyy i m here coz when i  stated thinking all about it i get quite depressed n until n unless i m not going to write here i m going to feel fresh now i m litttle bit fine n thnks to u my lovelyy bloggg
n THANKS to the creator of this world  allah i m very thankful to u that i said sorry to them so that now there is no hateredness in their heart for me n neither i hate them but ........................................
at times we get depressed when we think about past .............................

 n past teaches u a goood lesssonnnnnnnnnnnnnn.......

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Existance

After a long time I need u so again i m back to u when I m alone i only want u nothing else  coz this is the place where i m hiding my self from everyone n is describing my all feeling 
                           I started to  confined my self in a boundary so that i can not hurt anyone neither i would  enter in anyone's life nor interupt in anyone's matter or i m not going to complain anyone or to tell anyone my secrets or how much i m hurt by the people around me :(
 In the begniing I started hurting my self I was completly broken no one wants me or no one wants to knw the reason why I changed my self but this new change was also bothering them 
I dun knw what they want from me 
I m human not an angel why they are blaming n insulting n scolding me without any reason the only reason of mine is that I am silent girl I  used to keep silent even i m not wrong 
I dun knw where I lost 
Where my identity exist ? Where Should I exist  ???????????????????
 No one know why I changed few people  were having problem because of it n they did not want me to change thet know that I m not going to bear it .I m going to hurt my self . MY silence was interupting them  so they want me back to life once again  n when I decided to come back to my life which I used to spent ...................
They left me leaving the message thay for fews days" she will be unable to call or msg me or  she will not going to rply  me "
Is it worth  if she want to leave me so why did she left me before  she should left me on that day when i changed my self so i m not going to come back to my life this hurt me more than that she is the one I used to talk actually i have a habit to talk with her n it's only my fault that i need her she did not want me she has many in her life 
When i came to positve side I think that I did not complain her  n did not said anything to her if she hurt me  so today why i m i decided i m not going to tell her a single word n will confined my self again so that this time no one can hurt n other view of mine was the reason of her message was there should be something in which she is busy these days that's why she did 
I dun knw anything The fact is today I m agian alone in this world no noe is there to listen me 
n this time i m not going to come back I m not going to listen anything :(
THank u my little word from now on word I need u to describe my self 
N to share my thing with u 

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

school life

 school  is a place where  we spent our entire childhood  is passed  we have no sense of talking  school life is the memorable life  which no one can forget even though they reached to the  last age of their  life  (old age )  school is a place where   we get  atticate n every little stuff is taught over there
             I passed my 13 years  in a one school n have so many  memories of that school after passing 7 i changed the school n took admission in another school which was totally different  1st year  of  that school was  like a hell for me but last two years were  awsome I m not going to forget that school till the last breath of my life 
                  those three years were memorable  had a huge friend circle  considered to be a good student in the eyes of teacher , had fun on each n every place of  that school but  now nothing is left  only behgi palkien n purani yadien 
         every one is bzy no one get times to interconnect although some of us are still in contact but we dun knw about other  we used to say that our friendship will be ever lasting n we will be with each other in   rough times but no one is there when i need them  they were busy with their new friend
             It teaches that   it is difficult to find a sincere friends friends are all around but very few of them  are their  it's difficult to find a precious stone between many of the people . 
                  I wish that each n everyone should have precious stone in their life for ever n they will be thier ever lasting for their support  

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

biggest mistake I ever did

 mstakes are the part of life  n everyone can do many mistakes even though i did many  but  some mistakes leaves nothing but bad memories  which always haunts in your mind 
                           i did a  mistakes  which i m not going to forget anymore anyhow  coz it leaves a bad impact on me  when i was in matric i did friendship on net with a  boy n  with in few days we were like  best buddies  n  talk to much with each other    then he asked me for my cell num n guess what i gave it to him
            how fool n stupid i was ?  how   bad girl i was ?
                    we used to talk  hour n hour at night .  we used to  laugh n to solves each other problem   our friendship was very strong   he used to tell me everything  n i did the same even we both have our  friends 2  but still we were addicted to each other  we used to talk till sehri n sometimes we used to talk after  sehri . 
                It was fun talking with him . but then after one year we both had fight n  we were not giving time to each other  we were busy in our lives    but still we were friends  sometimes he used to say sch thing which i can not expect from him n even though i did  same  but what ever it is we were friends  then circumstances changed  he has so many problems in his life n  then he does not want me  coz he always think kai i m a little  child who is not going to understand his proble even though he is younger than me   he broke his friendship without giving me any reason  i dun knw why n  he does not have any reason   he was afriend of my sister n t he was like my sister  younger brother he used to tell everything to her n  he had so many problem  n no one is there so he got married at the age of 17   did u believe that  now he is not in contact with me  but he is in contact with my sister she is suffering n tolerating him coz f me 
   coz of the single mistake i did    
             I wish did not did this mistake n fron this I learnt a lesson 
It's difficult to find a  true friend in this materialistic world even though I m not  considering my self as a  sincere friend
 but now  i   m  sticked to some friends  n  this experience leave a very bad impact on me  my behaviour was changed coz  what ever I think n I feel I  sid to him  but  then he always said  one thing :yeh smjhte nahi hai
 Now I did not tell anyone  that he is doing wrong coz i m not perfect 2  n  what ever i feel from people is in my heart  coz no one can understand u except  Allah n your parents n a sincere friends   
 i dun want to loose my friends so I  stick to this sentence 
              " No Complain No Demands "